Useful Guide

If you are not sure 1) what width of strap fits own watches, 2) what width of buckle fits your strap/band.
Please view the below illustration. By simple ways you can determine strap width quickly and easily for own watches.

What strap width does fit my PANERAI watch?
For PANERAI 42mm case you need a strap in 22mm width, and for a 47mm case you would need bands in 26mm width, and for a 44mm case you would need a strap in 24mm width for reference,

Panerai ModelStrap Width
40mm case for Luminor22mm
44mm case for Luminor24mm
42mm case for Luminor Due22mm
45mm case for Luminor Due24mm
42mm case for Luminor 195022mm
44mm case for Luminor 195024mm
47mm case for Luminor 195026mm
42mm case for Radiomir 194022mm
47mm/48mm case for Radiomir 194026mm
45mm case for Radiomir 194022mm or 24mm